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 idiot hell fuckers
October 22nd
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american horror story: dutch angles

October 21st
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seriously though bisexuality being defined as attraction to men and women is a heterosexual’s definition of bisexuality actual bisexual groups and organizations have been defining it as attraction to two or more genders or same and other genders since the nineties and plenty of nb people actually id as bi and refusing to accept how we define ourselves is so absurdly biphobic and heterosexist and jfc it’s 2014 can other queer people fucking realize and acknowledge this

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remdeikun replied to your post: are health regen shields and ammo/heal…

absolutely unrelated but since youre posting about it: was gonna give this game a pass until it hit bargain bin or is it worth buying now if i pumped too many gd hours into bl2?

it’s scratching my itch for a low commitment fps with satisfying gunplay, a fun palette/aesthetic and a non-grim storyline, so it’s been worth the price of admission for me so far. admittedly i’m only playing it in short fits and spurts because my back won’t let me go more than about fifteen minutes at a time before i feel like my ribs are being butchered, but those fifteen minutes are mostly fun on a bun.

plus My Big Ugly Wife Wilhelm is a huge robosexual and i’m gonna smooch that gross android fucker.

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are health regen shields and ammo/health regen class mods in borderlands 1.5? i haven’t found a single one yet and normally by this point in a borderlands game i’d be a self regenerating hyper shielded ammo shitting machine due to stacking perks/mods/shields/skills, but i feel like this time i’m constantly hugging every health vendor i come across.

October 20th
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this is punishment for man’s hubris, i say to myself as i choke down a cup of lukewarm tea full of magnesium powder.

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in my first hour of anime chicken hell final fantasy fourteen online i got invited to three different reddit guilds.

upsetting. very upsetting.

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